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Visual Design

Years 15

Branding & Identity 

Seven Years 

Data Design

Six Years

Web Design 

Five Years 

Design Consulting

Three Years 

I have a passion for presenting ideas and concepts crafted around data and developed through great conversations. I am a right and left-brained thinker who approaches design as a problem-solving tool for your business challenges. My design experience spans over 15 years and includes everything from design for social media, print, proposals, conferences, websites, as well as consulting on how to get the best out of the design process within your organization.

Core Values 
•    Dream often
•    Be brave 
•    Be curious
•    Be accountable

•    Be authentic 
•    Constantly renegotiate your capacities
•    You are powerful 

o    What you say matters
o    What you do matters
o    How you say it & do it matters


Design is best approached as a custom solution to a distinct set of challenges. Solutions-focused design is a common feature of corporate design work. Each project presents its own unique set of opportunities and obstacles and needs. To provide the best human-centered design concepts often requires time, iteration, and research to inform great solutions. The pieces presented below were designed and developed within a corporate environment, often within the context of a campaign and within the boundaries of adhering to or developing corporate brand guides. 

Design for Comprehensive MARKETING SOLUTIONS

The Millennial Women's Buying Report was a structured look at how financially savvy millennial women can be. It offered an in-depth view of the buying habits and focus of this age group. The project was completed during my tenure at Merkle Inc., a performance-based marketing company while working within the Marketing department. 

The design components for this project consisted of the design of the report, social media ads, webinar creative, as well as creative to support and promote the white paper on the Merkle website. This effort was launched for International Women's Day. 

Design for Comprehensive DATA HEAVY STORIES 

Telling great stories using data is essential in providing a great human-centered design. My corporate and freelance experience shows over five years of projects that all began with data. This includes large format documents, such as offering memorandums, custom design for Tableau dashboards, as well as tailored solutions for infographics. 

Design for Comprehensive BRANDING & IDENTITY

Authencity is the foundation of all great endeavors. . .even your company brand. Branding is an ongoing and ever-evolving conversation that you have with your audience. Being able to communicate your brand principles simply, elegantly, and consistently leads to great opportunities in all aspects of business. 


I have extensive experience guiding companies through the branding process from the discovery of your company values to the development of your logo and company website. 

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