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Visual Design

Fifteen Years

Presentation Design

Ten Years

Branding & Identity 

Seven Years 

Data Design

Six Years

Web Design 

Five Years 

Design Consulting

Three Years 

Included in my experience is the ability to design and create content for national/global marketing campaigns, websites, and large-scale events. I believe that great design begins with crafting great stories. I have expansive experience in providing support and direction to clients, requiring a strong emphasis on problem-solving, impeccable attention to detail, and organization of complex information. Freelance clients also provide opportunities to imagine and create.


While your logo is not the most important part of your branding journey, it is often the most prominent. I have a long history of working with new and emerging companies to craft their logos and initial brand portfolios.

I provide custom design solutions that meet your immediate needs and those that support your growth in the future.

Sometimes this involves a comprehensive branding workshop and sometimes it is just developing the proper colors, fonts, imagery symbols, and treatments to use. 

AOHR Branding Guide.jpg

The development of your digital presence is an important and vital part of your branding journey. Design of your website is often one of the first steps employed after the design of your company logo. Web design with CCDS is a holistic process that incorporates all of your branding elements visual and messaging into one platform. The web design process begins with content and is supported by the visual elements of your brand. The process can be simplified into four stages: Development & Approval of Sitemap, Creation of Content Design of Site, Testing & Training of Site.

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Design for SOCIAL MEDIA 

Social media is the newest and most prolific way to communicate with an audience in the digital age. The ability to develop social media, ads, banners, flyers, newsletters, and other social media content is an essential weapon in your digital arsenal. CCDS provides support for all of your social media design needs including design for paid-for social ads, marketing ads, and images to highlight all of your company events or group activities. 

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